Make Money Instantly

About This Exercise

Can money appear out of thin air? Can opportunities seemingly land in your lap? Perhaps...

You've heard all the online gurus say it, MINDSET is everything. And my friends, it's true. But it's not as easy as a snap of a requires real grit, real consistency, and real manipulation of one the most powerful organ in your body: the brain.

In this anti-woo-woo online training, you'll learn one specific psychological theory that you can leverage to make money at any moment, at any time.

Action Plan

  • LEARN – Know your brain's #1 job
  • FIGHT – Go against primal instincts
  • SEE – Identify obvious and not-so-obvious opportunities

What's Inside

One 14-minute Video

Your Secret Weapon

Aisha Sequeira

Meet your instructor. Aisha is the "Beekeeper" – the keeper of brands and your product's secret weapon. She helps entrepreneurs position, execute, and manage their consumer product into a brand everyone envies.