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Are you ready to sell your invention product?

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a destination. It’s an arduous journey to a mountain’s icy, treacherous peak – a task that requires not only considerable resources, time and planning but a team.

No one climbs Mount Everest alone, not with the dangers of natural elements, altitude sickness, and hyperthermia. You have to join an expedition led by a guide, or in this case, an entrepreneurial sherpa, to lead you to the top.

Invent Summit was created to bring likeminded inventor-entrepreneurs into a communal online space to ascend three types of inventor “base camps” toward their ascent to seeing their invention dream become a reality: Create, Make, and Market.

If you’re unfamiliar with mountain climbing, base camps are stopping points that provide mountaineers with important supplies to use while they acclimatize to the altitude.

Invent Summit’s mission is to see you to the top, not in one shot, but in three focused steps with our peers cheering you on.

Action Plan

Inside Invent Summit's MARKET PATH, you'll craft your brand story, get as seen on tv, learn how to pitch to media, make a compelling product video, and how to take a homemade product to nationwide stores.

Discover how to take your purpose from prototype to profit with the world’s first online summit for inventors.
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What's Inside

Invent Summit – Market Series

Your Secret Weapon

Aisha Sequeira

Meet your instructor. Aisha is the "Beekeeper" – the keeper of brands and your product's secret weapon. She helps entrepreneurs position, execute, and manage their consumer product into a brand everyone envies.